SHELTER ∣ Narrative Short Film by Zahri Josita Jackson (2021)
Reclusive college senior, Ora, embarks on her tumultuous, romantic, and frustrating journey towards healing after a traumatic experience threatens her sense of safety, space, and autonomy.
 Written and Directed by Zahri Josita Jackson
Director of Photography  Ava Emilione
Sound  Irina Lazouski
Editor ∣ Shaye James
Colorist ∣ Marcy Robinson, Nice Shoes
Score ∣ Duanna
Producer ∣ Zion Callaham
Production Assistant ∣ Amaechi Kofoworola 
"With 'Shelter', I wanted to tell a story of healing that was reflective of my own journey navigating violence against women. Many women understand the fear that comes along with just leaving the house and, unfortunately, even the protection of shelter isn't enough to keep the harm away. Making this film was an elixir of sorts for me to process my own emotions and I hope the story resonates and helps others dealing with similar trauma. Though the harm we see in the film is not extremely violent, Ora's reaction to it, locking herself away in the safety of her bedroom, is indicative of the way the smallest transgressions against our womanhood add up day by day, forcing us to make unconscious and conscious decisions that make us feel safe again—even if it comes with a cost."

STASIS ∣ Poetry Film by Zahri Josita Jackson (2021)

starring and narrated by Maritza Cayo (@daphneyyy_)
score by Meadow Cloud (@theseedsthatgrow)

Ashley Marsh for TEAM Mag ∣ Film by Zahri Josita Jackson (2020)

A quick highlight on TEAM's "photographer-in-residence", Ashley Marsh, @ash.marzo. Not only is she an amazing photographic artist, she is a true makeup/hair/fashion icon. You might've seen her work in our Gensis Cover Shoot, but keep an eye out for the next couple of weeks for more of Ashley's content for TEAM. Check her out.
Directed by Zahri Josita Jackson @zjosita
Director of Photography, Ashley Newquist @ashleynewq

Music (not owned by me):
Cash Race - Tinashe
Taste - KAYTRANADA (ft VanJess)
ZZZ - Arin Ray
Slide - Zikomo

Watch on TEAM's Instagram

Too Good To Be True ∣ Film by Zahri Josita Jackson (2020)

"I had so much fun making this and it, for me, captures what it was like making art while in quarantine this summer. D and I went to Central a few times to eat, talk, write, relax, get some fresh air, and take photos. Despite the horrors/anxieties of the pandemic, I found peace in our little outings and in my art. Which is what prompted the working title for this piece, 'Too Good To Be True'"

Creative Direction and Edit by me
Photo and Video by me and D Harper @okaydareme

Song: “Outside of That” by Bessie Smith

PROCESS ∣ Film by Zahri Josita Jackson (2020)

Exploring the artistic process, what our work looks like. Directed and Shot by Zahri Josita Jackson 

Music by Dee Harper (@okaydareme)

got home safe :) ∣ Film by Zahri Josita Jackson (2019) ∣ NYU Filmmakers of Color in Unity and Support (FOCUS) Film Festival Official Selection

Director of Photography, Amanda Eckroth (@fleetwoodmacbookpro)

For NYU Sight & Sound: Filmmaking Fall 2019
Prof. Alrick Brown

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